Enugu ‘leaders of thought’ passes vote of confidence in Ugwuanyi

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A group of south east leaders has passed a vote of confidence in Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s administration in Enugu state.

This was made known after a closed-door meeting with the Governor as part of its mission to ascertain the level of development in the region.

The leader of the delegation, Nnia Nwodo, enumerates steps taken to make Enugu one of the most peaceful states in the country with viable economic plans for businesses to thrive.

Justifying the vote of confidence, Nnia Nwodo said: “In the last few days, an economic review of the state has shown that out of the six most viable states in Nigeria, Enugu State is one of them. The viability of each state was recorded on the basis of their capacity to generate enough internally generated revenue to sustain their recurrent expenditure without dependence on federal allocations.

“If Enugu State government can attract businessmen to come to the state and pay taxes, then Enugu must be investment friendly. To be investment friendly, Enugu must be safe. And this credit goes to our state governor and his team.

“And we felt we should move a vote of confidence and tell him that we are proud of the way he is discharging his responsibilities. And we urged him to continue to be doing what he has been doing.

“On our part, every community leader, every traditional ruler, every President-General of town unions, all schools represented by their heads here have re-enforced; all the bishops, clergymen have re-enforced their conviction that they must continue to support this good work to ensure that our state remains one of the safest states in Nigeria”.


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