FCT Indigenes tell #EndSARS protesters to vacate roads

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By Hudu Yakubu, Abuja 

Following continued protests and disruption of economic and social activities in Abuja the nation’s capital city, the Indigenous people of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have urged the #EndSARS demonstrators to vacate major roads in the territory.

The indigenes also expressed displeasure and anger at the needless deaths that have been occasioned by the ongoing #EndSARS protests in the territory. 

In a letter signed by the spokesman of the group, Mr Yusuf Yunusa addressed to the Office of the Inspector General of the Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, the FCT indigenous people said FCT residents were frustrated and losing their tempers.

They complained that countless farm products have gotten spoilt due to these blockages; daily earners are starved because their customers can no longer reach them; low patronage of businesses have occurred; families have suffered including toddlers and students when they have spent countless hours in traffic caused by these blockages.

The letter read: ” We the members of the Indigenous People of The FCT wish to express our unreserved displeasure and anger at the blockages of our roads, the disruption of economic activity 

“We write to express our offense, our disgust and our anger at the activities

of these so called EndSARS protesters and their blockage of roads, tributaries that function for the economic activities of the FCT residents, not to mention the needless loss of lives.

“We do not want this, and we reject these continued protests, particularly in this form of blockages it is taking.

Indeed, the laws that make these protests lawful, reserve in the exercise of all vested human rights the fact that where the right of one person ends, the right of another begins.”

When the protest started, we members of the Abuja community gave it our support because indeed it was a genuine cause for the abolition of SARS, a unit of the police force that had begun to commit illegal activities against Nigerians.

“The government kept its word and listened to the protesters. It is however unfortunate that even despite these requests being granted, the protesters have refused to return back to their businesses and work.

“The freedom of assembly is not permission to deny others their freedom of movement.That is an infringement and should not be tolerated or accepted by the government or its law enforcement institutions.

“We therefore call for the Federal Government to enforce the prohibition of these demonstrations and blockages of our roads.

It adds that if the protesters must continue with the exercise of their rights, they must do so in such a way that recognises and upholds the right of movement of other FCT residents.

Lateefah Ibrahim

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