Gomoney is The Best Digital Bank in Nigeria – Nigerian Observer

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Technology has been described as one of the best things that occurred to man. The way it has made life easy can not be overemphasized. Furthermore, making life easier via technology also spans into the finance industry via the development of digital banks.


Digital banks have been a very convenient way for an individual to make a lot of banking activities without having to step into bank premises.


A lot of people find joy in just downloading an app in less than 30mins which will help them perform all their transaction duties online. With the use of digital banks, activities like checking your account balance to making several transfers with just a click from your smartphone or pc. Isn’t that amazing?


Here are some advantages associated with digital banks.


All-around clock banking – Due to digitalization, you can now have the opportunity to access all your banking duties at any point in time, mostly via mobile apps downloaded on your smart devices. Even at night, and you can top up your phone with just a single click.


Great Customers’ experience – with digital banking, you can now enjoy unparalleled customer experience, due to the Introduction of support channels to help put you on track and settle all your grievances. There is also an avenue for real live chat with your customer care agent, which makes your banking experience both rapid and amazing. 


Having checked through the above benefits of digital banks, it can be deduced that they are needed for your seamless day to day banking. Hence, the question “Which is the best digital bank in Nigeria?”


After a lot of research, it is however undaunted that gomoney is the best digital bank in Nigeria. 


Why should you choose gomoney as your digital bank?


With an increase in the number of digital banks in Nigeria, Gomoney stands tall in offering a digital banking experience that is very relevant to a diverse number of people, with their goal being to always create convenient experiences that will make their customers understand their cash flow.


How secure is gomoney?


News surrounding the development of digital bank apps boils down to the question, “How secure are they?” 

Having checked through this, recommending Gomoney as your digital banking app will be the best thing.

gomoney has shown absolute compliance with all regulations laid down by CBN, with all your deposits insured maximally by the National Deposit Insurance Corporation. This depicts that apart from your money being safe, it is also insured properly with the highest Deposit Insurance Company in Nigeria.



Change is very constant, and digital banks are the only panacea to having a seamless banking experience.

In addition, gomoney is here to help you on your journey to having a great banking experience so as to make banking more secure, personalized, and also cost-effective for everyone. 


gomoney is surely the best digital banking app in Nigeria.

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