Helen Paul back in school to become professor – TheNewsGuru

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Nigerian comedienne, actress and singer, Helen Paul, is currently taking a postdoctoral study in an undisclosed university in America.

The Nation reports that Paul is on the verge of becoming a professor barely a year after bagging a Doctorate Degree.

A source close to the entertainer star said, “Yes, Helen Paul has been shuttling between Nigeria and the US for some months now. While studying to become a Professor, she is also working as a lecturer in one of the institutions in the US.

“She is really an inspiration to this generation because combining these academic feats with her comedy career in Nigeria is no child’s play.”

In an interview, Paul  had opened up on how she felt after bagging a PhD

“Sincerely, I thank God for my life every year and I still look up to him for the remaining things I want to achieve. All I have accomplished in life has been through the grace of God and for that, I give him praises. I have always been a child of faith as I believe in God in everything I do and I thank Him that everything works out at the end. However, I never knew that I would make it this far”

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