Lawan wants women to occupy 50 per cent of seats in Senate – ORDER PAPER

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OrderPaperToday – Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, has said he wants 50 per cent of the seats in the red chamber to be occupied by women.

He stated this while giving his remarks on the celebration of International Day of the Girl Child which was on October 11.

Lawan called for the protection of girls from violence while canvassing equal opportunities for them.

He said: “The girls should have the same opportunities like the boys will always have. We are in an age where our girls need to be protected from violence. You will recall that there are several cases of rape.

“The society must continue to support the girls in the area of educating them, empowering them and giving all the relevant opportunities for them to actualize the potentials like the boys are given the opportunities. We also have to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow, the mothers of tomorrow are given very good head start.”

Speaking more on empowering girls from an early stage, he said: “Today we have only seven female senators. This kind of situation can be corrected right from early stage when the girl child is given all the opportunities to be what she can be.

“We hope that one day, very soon this chamber should have 50 per cent of senators as females. We are doing poorly as a country in the area of gender equality. We need to up our game as a country.”

Read on the performance of female senators in the current national assembly in the first year.

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