Military Airstikes Kill Terrorists In Borno

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Operation Hail Storm 2 of the Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole has sustained its onslaught against Terrorists In Borno State by hitting hideouts at Arina Woje, Warshale, and Valangide in Borno state.

This was disclosed in a series of tweets from the official Twitter handle of the Defence Headquarters.

The Defence headquarters disclosed that further strikes against the terrorist elements responsible for the recent attacks in the Dikwa were conducted.



It added that the terrorists having been tracked to Warshale were taken out as the NAF attack aircraft took turns in engaging the settlement.

The airstrike on Valangide in the Sambisa Forest area, on the other hand, was undertaken at night by helicopter gunships, which mopped-up the terrorists as they strafed the location.

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