Ogun town seeks police help on land crisis | Platform Times

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A crisis over land is brewing at Igbesa Kingdom in Ado-Odo Ota Local Government of Ogun State.

The community has appealed to the state and police to save it from those causing mayhem in the town.

Chairman of Igbesa Traditional Chiefs Oyekunle Ogunbiyi accused an estate agent, Alhaji Mutairu Owoeye, of landgrabbing.

Ogunbiyi said: “… inhuman and unwarranted humiliation, harassment and unrest were perpetrated by Ajagungbale (landgrabbers). They invade farmlands with weapons and injure farmers, who try to stop them.

“… cases against them in courts don’t stop them from illegal acts. We request government to help us…

“The affected farmlands are Idomaroko, Idafero, Iwaro, Igbodu, Iwaye, Ago-Ilaro, Idasegun and Ago-Durojaiye”

Alhaji Owoeye denied allegations of illegal occupation and harassment of people over lands in the area.

He said he was a registered estate agent and property consultant, insisting he had court judgements and approval to back his activities.

“We are not Ajagungbale (landgrabbers). We don’t go into lands with weapons. We are into buying and selling landed property and don’t involve in any land transactions that do not have legal titles. The allegations are unfounded,” he said.

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