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By Kehinde Oluleye

There are some fashion items that keep trending in the fashion space. One of such items is the polka dot dres.

Interestingly, today’s polka dot outfits and accessories are more stylish and daring. They are everything you would want in a piece of trendy fabric, from one-shoulder, halter neck to sexy gowns; polka dots are a must have for women of style. It actually brings out that chic, classy and unique outlook desired.

These are some of the ways to rock your polka dots in style:

The key to wearing them is to have only one or two items at once.

Pair the tops or shirts with plain skirts or trousers and you can tuck it in for a chic look

For a more subtle approach, polka dots belt, scarf, or bangle might do the trick.

Polka dot scarves can go on anything and tying the middle bow would bring out the beauty of the design.

For the shoes or bags, do not use them with patterned clothes rather; pair with another polka dot item and a plain one in your outfit.

You can also opt for a bold polka dot halter neck style. This should be combined with accessories with same colour, like Shade Okoya did in the picture.

The options are many, so explore and rock the trend in style.

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