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The power of our vote cannot be overemphasized and I’m asking – When will Nigerians vote out of conviction rather than out of fear? – Aisha Yesufu

One of the common phrase one hears during election period amongst the electorate is “I don’t want to waste my vote.” For the average electorate, voting for a candidate, not from the two dominant parties is a waste.

Many do not realise that voting for a candidate just because one thinks that the candidate will be the one to win rather than voting because the candidate is the most qualified is the real waste. It seems that many are more interested in being part of the winning team and being euphoric for the win than in the governance that is to come from the candidate voted.

To many, election it is like being a fan of a football club and what is most important is the euphoria of one’s team winning. While the winnings and loss of your football club does not have a far reaching effect on your life, that of election does.

It is not enough that your candidate won, the capacity of that candidate to deliver good governance has far reaching effect on your life and the generation unborn. So the real waste of vote is not choosing candidates based on their competence, character and capacity.

As long as citizens are afraid to vote their conviction because they are afraid to be on the losing team then fear will continue to be a deciding factor and people will continue to choose the so called lesser evil. There is no less in evil. Evil is simply evil.

It is time for Nigerians to leave behind the shackles of fear and dare to choose the best rather than a lesser evil. It is time to begin to choose the most competent candidate rather than the candidate that is most likely to win.

The competent candidates don’t have structures. Their parties don’t have structures is the statement often heard. Who or what is the structure? The people are the structure. You and I are the structures and if we identify the candidates who are competent we can begin to be their structures. It is like network marketing.

We tell one person who tells another and we begin to sell the candidates of competence rather than the candidates likely to win. We have to give something to get something. We need to donate to these competent candidates so we do not let those who have looted our collective wealth to use that money to perpetuate themselves in office.

We need to volunteer to be their agents and ensure we are their structures. All that is needed is a bit of sacrifice and like they say, nothing good comes easy. If we do not take our destinies into our hands we will continue to be at the mercy of power brokers who will continue to use different slogans to whip up sentiments and give us the illusion of power in our hands. It is either fight against corruption, or godfatherism or another catchy slogan.

The two major parties have you by the jugular and are confident that you will always come back to them so they have no incentive to restructure or reinvent. They have no incentive to put forth candidates that are competent.

They would rather put forth candidates they can control and continue business as usual. You have to make up your mind to leave the fear that have had you bound for over 20 years and ensure it is now business unusual

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