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The Nigerian Bar Association, hereinafter called the NBA shall soon have its National Election where a new President and other members of the National Executive will be elected.
There is no doubt that members of the Nigerian Bar are well endowed with men and women of robust profiles, but for the purpose of the forthcoming national election of a New Executive, a few candidates have emerged as keen contestants for the covetous post of the National President of the Bar (as it is fondly called). The challenges ahead of the President and his Executive are indeed massive and they require someone with impeccable resume and experience to solve the myriad of problems facing the Bar today, not only as a committee of legal minds and experts in the noble Profession, but in their relationship with the larger Nigerian society.
The NBA has the responsibility to serve its members and ensure a virile Association but largely it has to interact with the larger society to promote the rule of law and guarantee the development of a burgeoning democracy using the instrumentalities of the Legal Profession. Members of the bar are usually seen as noble men and women who must adhere strictly to the ethos of the Legal Profession and maintain a respectable profile that society can rely upon in its bid to develop a proud democratic dispensation at all times. That explains why the Association must always have a reliable, experienced, committed, honest and compassionate leader who will not only galvanize the interests of its members, but work hard in promoting the Rule of Law in the country.
We at Ekiti Standard Newspaper, have carefully assessed the candidates competing for this big position and have concluded that Mr. Dele Adesina (SAN) will be a major asset in carrying the Nigerian Bar Association to a lofty height in today’s Nigeria. We have carefully perused the profile and character of Mr.Dele Adesina (SAN) at different levels of human and professional endeavours. We can guarantee and testify that he is a man of great professional excellence. His credentials are impeccable. His administrative skills are great and indeed wonderful. Above all, his social and interactive skills are sophisticated, decent, and enviable. We find him highly worthy of the great position of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association. All his rich credentials and his enviable personality will serve as appropriate assets to effectively manage the Bar Association at this critical time in the history of our Country.
Mr. Dele Adesina,(SAN) is not new in the administration of the Nigerian Bar..He was the Publicity Secretary of the NBA Ikeja Branch between 1987and 1989; the National Executive Committee (NEC) Representative of Ikeja Branch between 1989 and 1991 and the Ikeja Branch Secretary between 1991 and 1993. In 1998, he contested for the office of Chairman of the Ikeja Branch under the campaign slogan – “The Bar Shall Rise Again” and he won. As NBA Ikeja Chairman, he initiated progressive policies that repositioned the Branch for vibrancy and dynamism, a legacy that has remained the hallmark of Ikeja Bar till today. Under his watch, his administration made a determined effort to check the excesses of military dictatorship and promoted strict compliance with the Rule of Law.
The administration also led a delegation to the State House of Assembly to render sound legal advice on momentous issues. In August 2002, he was elected to the office of the General Secretary of the NBA and he was the engine-house of the very progressive, dynamic, and purposeful Executive-led by Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN. Outside of the Profession, Mr. Dele Adesina SAN has occupied other positions of authority and responsibility. These include, but are not limited to the membership of the Governing Board of Covenant University and lately the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman Governing Council of Ekiti State University.
These are critical times in the life of the NBA.
The Bar needs a leader of impeccable character who is honest, altruistic, experienced, dedicated, and passionate about the myriad of problems that the Bar Association has at this time. Dele Adesina SAN understands the great demands of the tenets of the Rule of Law and we believe he will carry this principle to the highest heights that distinguishes the bar from the larger society. We strongly believe that he will ensure that the Rule of Law which stands as the rock on which our democracy rests is guaranteed to all. He will initiate and promote innovative principles and policies that will help Lawyers to play their roles in guaranteeing the Rule of Law in Nigeria.
As a result of his social and administrative skills, Dele Adesina (SAN) will initiate and implement policies necessary for the promotion of cohesive, disciplined, and cooperative members of the Nigerian Bar. His leadership skills will become handy in the performance of this great role expectation.
At this crucial period, the Nigerian Bar needs a leader who will promote a sophisticated and enviable Judiciary necessary for the advancement of our burgeoning democracy. Following his rich experience at the Nigerian Bar, Dele Adesina SAN is capable of working with his team to guarantee the much-needed contribution of the Bar to the development of a solid Nigerian and independent Judiciary.
No doubt, the Nigerian Bar has a great role to play in the advancement of the principle of the separation of powers among the three arms of Government. Dele Adesina SAN is well experienced in ensuring that the Nigerian Bar under his watch uses its privileged position and resources to achieve a well-articulated doctrine of the separation of powers in the development of our democracy.
The Nigerian Bar needs modern ideas to grow and be well distinguished from other Bar Associations internationally.
Dele Adesina SAN is well exposed to make our Nigerian Bar be one of the best worldwide. His international exposure will assist him in the development of policies that will enhance international cooperation among other Bars.
Dele Adesina (SAN)’s understanding of the scope and intricacies of government is a major asset in his ability to promote an excellent working relationship with the Nigerian Government in the creation of a sound democratic dispensation..
Having cleverly and painstakingly evaluated the personality of Dele Adesina (SAN), we make bold to recommend his election as the worthy President of the Nigerian Bar Association in the forthcoming Bar Election. He will perform beyond expectation and carry the Bar to greater heights.
Under his administration, the NBA shall experience a dramatic and indeed unprecedented development. He will ensure that the team spirit is brought to bear and he shall implement greater and beneficial policies that will distinguish the NBA from other similar associations in Nigeria and internationally. A vote for him shall be a vote for a new progressive NBA.
Barrister Ose Ogunkorode (LLM) is the Publisher of Ekiti Standard Newspaper.


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