Tinubu Congratulates Nigerians On Independence

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APC’s national leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 60th Independence anniversary celebration.

In a statement, he personally signed titled ‘Independent For A reason’ he said the Diamond jubilee celebration is one that cannot be taken lightly in view of the milestones and progress made over the period.

He added that the Independence anniversary celebration should serve as a reminder of the long nights the nation has endured and survived despite doomsday prophets otherwise grim prediction.

He said his home state of Lagos is an example of the success story of Nigeria having been written off as a dying city but is now transformed into a dynamic hub of commerce, openness, and infrastructure development.

He said the country under the current APC administration, is now building the institutional framework and infrastructure networks that will bring forth an era of beneficial growth and development for all Nigeria and all Nigerians no matter your current station in life and without regard to your incidence or place of birth.

He said as the nation continues to press forward despite the unique difficulties and challenges posed this year by the global pandemic and its attendant economic difficulties, Nigeria should be proud of how it has managed the pandemic so far.

He said despite the stumbles in recent years leading to brother fighting brother, while also allowing the nation’s immense potentials to lay idle, the time is now to build on a solid foundation for a better tomorrow.

He urged all Nigerians to see the independence anniversary celebration as a reaffirmation of the nation’s being which he said should define the work to be done to be what the nation can be.

He concluded by saying the true meaning of independence should also include how we relate to each other while also striving to build Nigeria as a citadel of peace, a catalyst of prosperity, and a tower of justice that wherever they may go in the world Nigerians can hold themselves proud, and wherever they may be in the world, there one thought is of returning to this fine and outstanding home we now build for ourselves of our own ingenuity, ideas and of our very independence.

As long as this earth stands, may Nigeria too stand as among its leading nations.

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