UN to Nigerian Government: Stop human rights violations, respect peaceful protesters | International Centre for Investigative Reporting

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THE United Nations (UN) on Tuesday night asked the Nigerian government to put an end to human rights violations and respect rights of peaceful protesters.

Amina Mohammed, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General made the call through her verified social media handle on behalf of the global body following public condemnations of military attacks on peaceful protesters in Lagos.

Her response was on the heel of public demand by Damini Ogulu, a popular Nigerian musician who called on the UN and Mohammed’s Office to intervene against extrajudicial killings of peaceful protesters, particularly at the Lekki Toll Gate area of the state.

Babajide Sanwoolu, the state Governor had earlier issued a 24-hour curfew in the state following a consistent protest which had reportedly turned violent in some parts of the state.

The initial time fixed for the curfew was 4 pm, Tuesday evening but it was later adjusted to 9 pm. As of this time, the demonstrators were still at the protest ground.

Protesters who had spent days at the Lekki Toll Gate protesting against the dreaded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and poor governance had insisted they would remain at the protest ground until their demands are met. But the incident had resulted in bloody chaos  as  video of military gunshots spread across the social media.

Video footages and pictures have been shared on the internet to prove that the military’s used live ammunition on the peaceful protesters.

“UN, Amina Mohammed and UN Watch, the situation in Lagos is now out of control!!! You guys need to intervene even though I know there is a protocol. This is serious,” he tweeted.

She said the UN and her office are following the ongoing protests in Nigeria and called for an end to human rights violation in the country.

“UN and I are following the protests in Nigeria calling for an end to human rights violations,” she stated.

“I join the United Nations Secretary-General in stressing the importance of respect for peaceful protests and freedom of assembly and call on the security forces to exercise maximum restraint,” she tweeted.

“I’ve been asked about the ongoing protests in Nigeria and I can tell you that the Secretary-General is following the protests in Nigeria calling for the dissolution of the SARS and an end to human rights violations allegedly committed by security agencies,” the statement read in part.

Hillary Clinton, a former United States presidential candidate had earlier warned  Buhari administration and the Nigerian Army to “stop killing #EndSARS protesters.





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